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September 6, 2017

I thought it would last a while until this day would come. I was absolutely sure that if there were no signs of it after the first vaccines, we were safe. On the other side, I was confident that if it would happen we would handle it just fine. Well, it wasn’t quite like that.

Today we talk about fever. And Nokia Thermo.

On Thursday last week, after Luca was asleep I watched a movie. I lasted through the entire movie as planned! It’s a big deal these days. It was almost midnight so I rushed into bed and discovered that the baby was burning. I asked Vlad to check him out. It was obvious, he had a fever.

We had to see how high it was but I couldn’t use the classic thermometer because I would wake him up. Luckily we had a non contact one from Nokia… but we couldn’t find it anywhere. We were so stressed that we forgot were we put it. Things didn’t work out quite as we planned them in our heads, in case the baby had fever. But of course, it was impossible to happen anytime soon… we thought.

We finnaly found it, checked the baby and he had 38,6°C. We had Paracetamol suppository, so I used half even if I woke him up in the end. Meanwhile Vlad run off to the pharmacy to buy fever syrop.

Luca fell asleep shortly after, but we watched him all night long. We checked his fever every 4 to 6 hours and then we realised how useful is this kind of thermometer.

Everything is so easy and no contact with the skin. You just turn it on, swipe it across the forehead until the temporal artery. When it vibrates it means that you can check the temperature.

The greatest advantage it that it has a smartphone app, where you can set profile for every family member and individually assign the temperature. It memorises the hour and temperature and you even get insights and advices if the fever is high. You can also memorise when you give him the medicine.

It was very helpful because I had everything memorised, the temperature evolution, the meds I gave him especially because I had to alternate between two syrups.

DSC_0372DSC_0359DSC_0368You can buy it at the price of 99.95€ and you can find it here. It’s not cheap compared to others but you can get a great deal on Black Friday, when it has 50% discount. No matter what brand you choose it’s a very useful device that you must have at home when you have a child.

Fortunately everything worked out just fine, after 3 long days the fever was gone. He also got checked by his doctor and it turned out to be roseola infantum, a very common disease among children under 2 years.

Hopefully the dark days will be over soon and we will resume to our normal schedule.

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