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July 28, 2017
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Last month we organised a small party for our baby Luca. We had in mind some location options but in the end we chose our holiday house which is 30 km from Bucharest. We just wanted a relaxed party with our closest friends.

They were all excited with the garden party idea, especially because the kids could play and run as they please. First thing that had to be done was to set up the date. After a small research between our friends, we decided to set it at the middle of June, on a Sunday. We also checked the weather forecast and everything looked just perfect.

The next step was the decoration so I got a little help from my friend, Pinterest. I knew how I wanted everything to look, but a little inspiration is always welcomed.

We were very happy with the big yard, so we wanted to take advantage of the space and we built a big table from pallets near the pool. I wanted to use the lavender in the table decor, so besides the freshly cut bouquets, I also used it in cutlery decoration. This is how the garden looked, a few days before the event:

lucas-partyIMG_9736 copyIMG_9645IMG_9905 copyIMG_9673IMG_9906 copyHipstamaticPhoto-519553730.871200IMG_9707The cake! Not a party without the cake, right? We had a personalised and delicious cake thanks to the talented people from Cookie Jar.

Snapseed (8)Snapseed (7)

My mom was in charge with the candy bar. She wanted to help us, especially because one of her passions is cooking. She made everything, from starters such as guacamole, eggplant salad and even sweets – brownies with banana & chocolate, pineapple cupcakes and our childhood dessert chocolate nuts.

Snapseed (10)Snapseed (11)Snapseed (12)

We also had in mind a few memories for us and for our guests also. A friend showed me this painting and I loved it so I ordered it. It comes with your baby’s name and a few colours for your fingerprint. Everyone completed a leaf in Luca’s tree and now it’s almost full :)

IMG_9871 copy

For the guests we had a little box with candies and a Lego keychain, which is an useful memory.

IMG_1089 copyIMG_1090 copyIMG_1091 copyIMG_1093 copyThe event weekend has arrived and on Saturday we had nice weather with a summer shower in the evening. The weather forecast the next day looked the same. We woke up the next morning with a cloudy weather and drizzle, it felt like autumn. The apps showed that the sun would come up in the afternoon, but there were no signs of it. And the party was closer than ever.

How were we supposed to have a garden party on this weather? It was impossible! And we were ready to cancel it all. But what about the cake, the delicious candy bar? And how to cancel the party so late?

We were even expecting calls with questions about the party but that didn’t happen. Finally we decided to go forward and adapt the garden party to the “lovely” weather.

The last hour and half until the party was chaos! There was no way I would forget about the garden party concept, so we transformed the living room. We took the pallets and moved all the decor inside. The candy bar was set by the window and we also had two tables on the terrace, for the ones that want some fresh rainy air.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 15.39.32IMG_9900 copyIMG_9895 copyIMG_9901 copy

The drizzle was there all day long, so there was no way to move the party outside in the garden. That was the plan. Our friends came anyway, although we thought some of them would change their mind and everyone had a great time and enjoyed the homemade goodies and the cake.

The children ran all over the house and terrace, they felt like home. Even though it was raining and the sun didn’t show up as discussed, many of our guests spent time on the terrace.

It wasn’t the garden party we planned, but it sure was a joyful living room party :)

The best surprise was that all of our friends were there to meet baby Luca and that’s what matters to us.


Makeup Artist based in Bucharest, Romania. I like Starbucks coffee, I love to travel, I enjoy the time spent with my friends and family. Oh, I also like chocolate and tasty desserts :)

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    Super detalii, super mami, super bebe, super petrecere :) totul la superlativ ❤️

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