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July 2, 2017
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Baby Luca is 7 months now and one of the most important events for us now is food diversification. 

Before introducing solid foods, I was a little bit confused because I didn’t know how to start: classic or BLW. Though choice! At the same time I admit I’m not a fan of BLW, but I didn’t want to say no to it. 

So I decided to see what baby Luca wants and how he prefers to eat his meals at the beggining. I also discussed with our pediatrician and she gave me some useful advice on the subject.  I started his meal plan with fruits and his first meal was apple puree. Yes, I chose to begin with the classic way, because I personally don’t think that the baby has to know how to eat pieces this early. I believe that it’s better to take things slowly. 

And I must say that I was much more comfortable with feeding him puree. I think it’s better to be relaxed when he eats, because eating solid foods must be a pleasant experience for him. And that’s all that matters for me right now. I know for sure that I would have been very worried to give him pieces for the first time. I’m sure that he won’t have any issues with feeding himself once he grows a little :) 

The first 3-4 days were more like discovering tastes, he didn’t eat more than a bite. After a while he was even more interested to taste more and more during his meals. Somedays he eats a whole apple, other times after eating half of his meal, he wants to get up from his chair. Slowly I introduced him the other fruits and also vegetables. At some point he didn’t want to taste or eat anything, so after two weeks I decided to give him something new. 

I had Annabelle Karmel app in my phone, she’s a famous author of nutrition books for babies and I found some recipes that he loved:

  • Sweet potato with spinach;
  • Mango Puree; 
  • Banana with avocado; 

I plan to try even more recipes from this app, I find it extremely useful, especially when you’re out of ideas. 

I also tried giving him whole pieces of fruits (apple, watermelon or apricot), but at this point he’s not interested in eating like that. He did eat the watermelon directly with his mouth, he’s not a fan of touching food. So we’ll stick to puree for a while. He likes holding his own spoon and play with it in the bowl while he eats. When he likes something, such as mango with melon, he’s anxious to eat it all, he doesn’t even care about his singing book.

What I want to share with you is that before starting food diversification, I tried to read as much as I could, I also asked other mommies about their experience but babies are so different and the decision on how to start this process must be based on their needs. I didn’t plan to start this process one way or another just because someone says so. 

When he refused to eat, I didn’t push him. When I introduced vegetables there were days when he took only one bite and then nothing. I was patient and I knew that he’ll eat more when he’ll be ready. And so it happend. Now I really hope it will be the same with the yogurt because he doesn’t like it at all 😀

If I’m being completely honest, at times I felt a bit discouraged and worried that he might not eat enough. But I kept my calm and decided to be patient because every baby has his own rhythm.

What I bought:

Bowls and spoons

I ordered online from Bebe Tei a Munchkin setI find it useful because each bowl has a cap and it’s perfect for traveling. I also have some from Ikea, it’s a good option.

Water Cup

Once the baby starts eating solid foods it is ok to give him water. We started this process during summer, so I believe it’s a must to hydrate. His pediatrician recommended to buy him water that contains sodium less than 1%. We chose Bucovina. I have two different cups, to see which he prefers: one from Ikea and one from Nuby. He likes boths so far, as long as he has water :) 

Steamer & blender

We have one from Tommy Tippee. I read good reviews about the one from Phillips, also. At the begging I used a glass grater, but when I started to combine fruits, I switched to the blender. It’s less time consuming. You can find glass grater at Carrefour if you want one. 


We have a few from Ikea. The ones from Lidl are good, someone gave us one from their brand Lupilu. 

Aaand that’s about it with our little adventure with solid foods :)


Makeup Artist based in Bucharest, Romania. I like Starbucks coffee, I love to travel, I enjoy the time spent with my friends and family. Oh, I also like chocolate and tasty desserts :)

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