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April 13, 2017

During my pregnancy I always thought that I would breastfeed my baby and I didn’t want to consider any other feeding option. I always thought that I will make it and everything will be ok. In the last months of pregnancy I read many articles on this subject because I wanted to be ready with as much information as possible.

I also read a lot about how the birth would be and when the time came, I forgot everything. I was so nervous and it all happened so fast. After giving birth they took me to my room and I immediately asked the nurses to bring the baby to feed him. They told me that I have to recover a little after the C section and that the baby will be just fine because new borns have a few feeding stocks after birth.

They brought him shortly after and put him in my arms… I bearly saw him at birth and I was anxious to hold him, to look at him after this long 9 months wait. He was wrapped in a green blanket, so tiny and perfect! There was nothing left to do but to feed him. I was so concerned that he wouldn’t attach correctly, that it would hurt or I would end up with wounds. But at the same time I hoped with all my heart that everything would be ok and it would all come naturally. Anyway I was decided not to give up.

The nurse helped me to attach him and I was surprised to see that everything goes really well, that it doesn’t hurt and my baby eats without any problem. The colostrum is very important for the baby and also he’s the best at stimulating the lactation.

I used to breastfeed him every 3 hours and I was so happy that everything was fine, without pain or wounds. The lactation came in the third day after birth.

I didn’t imagine that breastfeeding can be so beautiful! Of course that at the beginning it’s very tiring, but I wouldn’t change a thing. During breastfeeding he also feels protected and close to his mother. That’s our moment, it’s just the two of us, I watch him, comfort him and I’m so happy when he looks at me with a smile and then he continues his meal.

At night everything happens really fast, when he cries I feed him then he immediately falls asleep and so do I. In the first months every extra minute of sleep counts!

I came to the conclusion that every experience is different. I don’t know if it makes a difference but I think that it’s important to think positive and to be willing to breastfeed.

I breastfeed my baby boy for almost 5 months and I can tell you this:

  • Luca wanted to eat every 3 hours since birth;
  • at the 1 month growth spurt (hope I remember correctly), he wanted to be fed every hour. It was so hard for me!
  • he never ate from both breasts at one meal. In the firt 3 months I used the breast pump for the other breast. I have milk stocks in the freezer.
  • after 3 months his night meals are less. Sometimes he sleeps up to 6 hours between meals. Yeeey for me!
  • babies regurgitate. It’s normal, either they ate too much or they get air and when this happens it comes out with the milk. And it’s so fun when milk gets on your clothes right after you changed them.
  • in the first 3 months I drank lactation tea. A lot!
  • the lactation adjusts after 3 months and your breasts will produce as much milk as the baby needs, not more.
  • I never thought that I wouldn’t breastfeed, I was determined to do that at least 6 months. And I think that made a difference in my case.
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