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April 7, 2017

Baby Luca is almost 5 months old… We will soon begin the food diversification! But until then we’re focusing on milk :)

Since he came into our lives, we smile everyday and we enjoy seeing him discovering new things. Each morning when he wakes up, he looks for me and the second I open my eyes and I tell him something he has this huge smile on his face. I forget that it’s 6 am, that I’m sooo sleepy and we begin our day playing. My mornings are the best and I enjoy every second!

Baby news

In the forth month the babies start turing on the sides and the best place to practice that is on a mat.

Therefore we ordered a puzzle mat and made him a new play area on the floor. We put there his play mat and some teeth toys because he’ll need them. Also every toy that he holds in his hands ends up in his mouth.

On 23 March at 4 months and a day he grabbed a toy from the play mat all by himself. Usually I give the toys to him, but it was much more interesting for him to discover it alone. He also babbles a lot, he argues with his toys and talks to us all day long.

Daily routine

We don’t have a daily schedule, yet. I mean, he has some nap time slots during the day but they’re not the same everyday. So the walks depend on his nap time. Sometimes we go out at noon before his afternoon nap and there are days when we go out at 3 pm.

Because it’s spring now, we try as much as possible to go out at least half an hour in the evening, to check 2 walks per day.

The baths also depend on his evening nap, so sometimes we bathe him around 8:00 pm. But there are times when the bath is at 10:00-11:00 pm. We also try to make the baby swimmer baths twice per week. It’s his favourite bath because he can move freely.


Because the turns and walk-crawl are up next, we have to make some changes in the house, of course. And the safest place for baby Luca to practice is on the floor on a special mat that I ordered online from Ham Bebe.


We chose this set because:

  • the pieces are big, 60 x 60 cm;
  • it can be extended, when the baby starts crawling more;
  • the pieces are around 1 cm thick;
  • they’re simple, coloured without any drawings;

The set cost is 65 lei.

I got the teeth toys from Mothercare, they have a 3 toys set that’s 55 lei and it has:

  • 1 singing flower;
  • 1 hand filled with water that can be held in the freezer;
  • 1 ring with 3 fruits;



Makeup Artist based in Bucharest, Romania. I like Starbucks coffee, I love to travel, I enjoy the time spent with my friends and family. Oh, I also like chocolate and tasty desserts :)

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