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December 22, 2016

A month of happiness… and I also miss a good night sleep! But I’m not complaining. When I hold him in my arms, when he sleeps on my chest and when he wakes up and eats well, I forget that I’m tired. And I’m also trained because in the last month of pregnancy I could barely sleep a few hours per night.

It has been a month since our miracle has arrived and we’ve lived so many feelings. Although everything was almost perfect in the hospital, I couldn’t wait to go home.

The first days at home, our main concern was to make sure that our baby gains weight. We were advised at the maternity to weight him once a week, but we were so obsessed that we verified him twice in the first week. Usually new borns lose on average 10% of their weight after birth. Our baby lost almost 12% but I still decided to breastfeed him exclusively and not give him any addition. Everything was ok and he gained his birth weight in the first week – 3,350 kg. And now he’s almost 4 kg and the new born clothes will be history soon.

After the weight problem is solved, you start worrying about the poop and wee. You wonder if he makes enough wee, if the poop colour is ok and how many times should he poop per day. Luckily there’s the paediatrician that answered our texts promptly and also our friends with kids which we called a hundred times in the first weeks. You wouldn’t think a diaper full of poop could be a reason of joy!

The belly button is very important! It must fall off and then close, so it must be daily verified :)

The bath!! The demonstration bath at the maternity seems sooo easy but when we took his first bath at home it was chaos! We felt we were doing everything wrong, that we didn’t hold him right and we didn’t wash him properly. He was crying and all that we wanted was to finish the bath, get him dressed and feed him to calm down. Now he’s enjoying his bath!

There’s more but I don’t have much time, he will be up soon. In his first weeks I used to check him during his sleep to make sure he’s breathing. Sometimes I just look at him while he’s sleeping, I can’t get tired of watching him. And most of all I enjoy the times when he falls asleep on my chest, it feels like he’s a part of me again, like he was when I was pregnant. And he sleeps so well that I want to hold him like that forever!

My time is dedicated to him and even if sometimes I get a little bit tired because he eats every two hours at night, it feels so good to take care of my little love. We had a full month… with questions, worries, not enough sleep but most important we felt happier than ever. I can’t wait to see what’s next :)

I have to go now. He’s awake and he’s hungry!


Makeup Artist based in Bucharest, Romania. I like Starbucks coffee, I love to travel, I enjoy the time spent with my friends and family. Oh, I also like chocolate and tasty desserts :)

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